Season III, Poll 1

   It's time for the first poll! Since we only had four entrants, instead of eliminating one of them this is going to be a sort of bonus round, with the winner winning .33 of a "life." If one person is to be eliminated in later polls and there's a two way tie for the bottom, each is .50 eliminated, and remains fully in the game until there is less than 0% of them left. Additionally, if someone is having a busy week an fails to submit at all, until near the end they can take a .33 loss instead of submitting. So the .33 bonus up this round should be very useful.

   Polls will be open 72 hours (3 x 24 hours), until 0400am PST Saturday, June 29th. [small print: I am presently traveling abroad (hence the weird times), can't guarantee I'll be at a computer to stop the polls at exactly the specified time (why doesn't LJ include a function to make a poll auto close at a certain time??), I'll either use the results as they are as soon after as I can get to the computer, or if you leave a comment to the entry right after the close I think I'll automatically receive an email with the poll in it as it stands at that moment]

   If you'd like to review the prompt the below entries are responding to, it is "Comeback," here

Poll #1921021 Prompt 1 - Comeback
This poll is closed.

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   And for anyone just joining us, it is not at all too late to join the game!! See the new prompt here, "False Start"!

Season III, Prompt 2 - False Start

   Hello all! We've gotten off to a bit of a false start, with only four people joining in for the first prompt. I'll take responsibility for that, I really did hardly anything to promote it. However, I think we need at least say... seven people at the start to make it interesting.
   So what I think I'm going to do is make that first round a bonus round -- will still post a poll (as soon as I'm done with this entry), but instead of eliminating someone, the winner will get a bonus .33 of a point, to be used either as an extra pass (you can pass any given week* and just lose .33 points. Everyone begins with 1.0) or protection against elimination.

   This second prompt will be False Start, and the deadline will be either a week from now (0400 am PST, Wednesday July 3rd), OR when we have seven submissions, whichever comes later
   One picture must be from between now and the deadline, and one can be from between five months from now to the deadline.

   So there you have it, we're not going forward till we have at least seven contestants, SO TELL YOUR FRIENDS!! Ideally we'll have even more than seven.

   As always, please only link your entries here, discussion can take place in comments to the poll I'm about to post.

*except of course the last one or two)


Season III Dark Room 2

   With a little less than 24 hours until the first deadline... we have one submission., I'll be putting one of my own in but this is going to be a pretty quick game with only two of us, are there other people still planning on submitting???? ):


Season III Dark Room 1

   Hello all, and welcome to Season III! The Dark Room is a place just to discuss things with your fellow contestants, as one might chit chat in the red glow of a dark room of old (ah those were the days). There should be a few Dark Room entries every week to foster conversation.

   So feel free to introduce yourself, tell us a thing or two about yourself and perhaps what kind of camera you're using and your relative photographic experience. Also feel free to ask me to clarify anything, or mention things you'd like to see different this season from previous seasons, or thing you previously liked, or anything really! I look forward to getting to know you all! (:

Season III, Prompt 1 - Comeback

   Alright the time is finally at hand, it is time for the first prompt of Season III!

   I wanted to start out again with just a word, which would allow a variety of interpretation and creativity. If you'll recall the very first prompt we had was "Endeavour." The most appropriate word for this long delayed comeback would probably be "procrastination" or something, and I'm sure you could all come up with some interesting pictures for that, but I'd rather start on a more positive note.

   So instead, I decided to go with "comeback" as your first prompt, encompassing the spirit of a return after absence. Or you could take the meaning of "comeback" as a snappy response to something, or any other interpretation of the word I haven't thought of.

   You are to post two photos for this prompt, one taken this week before the deadline, and one taken any time from six months previous to this to the deadline (they could both be from this week).

   You are free to clean them up in photoshop or what have you, but if you've clearly gone overboard, people are certainly free to consider that in the polls. There may be future prompts with more limiting rules. See this Season II Rules post for details, most of it still applies -- though I don't think it will be a problem if photos are more than 800 pixels wide?

   Please post only links to an entry with your submissions in comments to this entry. I will post a subsequent "Dark Room" entry in which we can discuss things.

   Deadline for submission is one week from now (3pm PST Tuesday June 25th). Anyone who gets a submission in by that deadline will be considered a participant this season. (So encourage others to join up this week! One does not need to have responded to anything previous to this!)

   Okay I believe that is everything, happy shooting!!

Season III!

Okay, when I said thirteen months ago Season III would start in a month, let's pretend I meant June 2013 not 2012!

So June 17th! I'm going to put the first prompt up!

Tell your friends! And if you're still interested please comment here as well so I feel like there's actually going to be some participants! (:
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The Final Poll!

This is it!

Winner Takes All

The finale!

There can be only one.

You guys get that I had to throw that last one in, right?

And now that all three entries are in, on with the voting!

Just a reminder, the topic was High Contrast!

Choose one, and vote!

Voting closes at 6:00pm GMT on Wednesday 9th February.

Poll #1677169 It's the FINAL POLL!
This poll is closed.

Vote for your favourites!

chazari's entry here.
skitty's entry here.
cerebralpig's entry here.
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Week 24 - Cutting Room

Welcome to this week's Cutting Room!

This is where you can post pictures that didn't quite fit the prompt, or weren't chosen, or even ones that you just want to showcase...

Here are the results from the Topic 20 (Heat) Poll:

This week's winners are cerebralpig (entry here) and skitty (entry here)!

Sadly, a third strike goes to tryslora for getting the fewest votes, also, ezra711 had to bow out.

On 1/3 now: cerebralpig and skitty.

And then there were three!

What this means is that the next poll is going to be a three way shootout for all the marbles.

So... High contrast, high pressure! ;D

Remember, get your entries in by 21:00 GMT (4:00 pm Eastern, 1:00 pm Pacific) on Friday!